Truffle Pistachio Hearts Recipe

1 lb semi-sweet Chocolate Squares
1/4 cup Butter or Margarine
1/2 cup Natural California Pistachios (chopped)
2 cup Whipping Cream
Ground Pistachios or Cocoa or Chocolate Sprinkles
How to make truffle pistachio hearts:
  • Pour chocolate squares, cream and butter in a microwave bowl..
  • Microwave it high for 4-5 minutes till the chocolate is melted, stirring halfway through..
  • Beat with wire whip until smooth..
  • Combine chopped pistachios..
  • Pour into a pan lined with sheet of foil..
  • Let it chill till it is firm..
  • Pull out chocolate from pan, hold onto foil for easy handling..
  • Shape it into heart shapes with a help of knife..
  • Decorate by dipping sides of hearts in extra ground pistachios, cocoa or chocolate sprinkles..
  • Arrange on a platter..


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