Chana Dal Payasam Recipe


Split Bengal Gram:- ½ cup

Grated coconut :- 1 cup

Clarified Butter (Ghee) :- one cup

Jaggery :-1 cup

Cardamoms :- 5 nos crushed

Coconut :- 2 tbsp, cut into cubes

Cashew nut (Kaju):- 5 nos

Method Of Preparation

1) Take the gram, wash and soak it.

2) Take a small part of ghee and melt it in a pan. In it add coconut pieces, and keep frying it till it is golden in color. Once done, remove it from the flame and keep it aside

3) Add cashew, in the same used ghee. Keep frying it till it is golden brown over low flame.

4) We need to extract coconut milk. Take grated coconut soak it in hot water for close to 10 mns, and then pass it through the filter.

5) Take the gram and boil it, with just enough water needed for boiling the gram.

6) Once the gram is well cooked, put the coconut milk and jaggery.

7) Keep cooking till the mixture thickens, and stir it in between. We need to keep stirring, so that the gram doesn’t burn. The mix should be consistent and should not be thick at places.

8) After this add the rest of the Ghee and cardamoms. Keep mixing it thoroughly.

9) Garnish it with cashew nuts and fried coconut pieces.

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