Fruit Shake Recipe

2 cup Bananas (sliced)
2 cup Strawberries (sliced)
1/2 cup Ice cubes
2 cup Pineapple or Papaya (chopped)
1 teaspoon Honey
1 cup Apples (chopped and peeled

How to make Fruit Shake

  • In a blender blend on high speed a combination of bananas, strawberries, pineapples, papayas, apples, ice cubes and honey.
  • Blend till smooth.
  • Serve immediately for breakfast.

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Morning Glory Fruit Shake Recipe


Banana (sliced):- 2 cups

Strawberries (sliced):- 2 cups

Pineapple or Papaya (chopped):-2 cups

Apples (chopped and peeled) :- 1 cup

Ice cubes :-½ cup

Honey:-1 tsp

Method of Preparation-

1.      Papayas, pineapples, apples, strawberries, bananas, honey and ice cubes should be blended in a blender.

2.      They should be blended till they become smooth.

3.      The juice should be immediately served for breakfast.


Chickoo shake Recipe


Chickoo :-  3 nos

Cream :-  1 cup

Milk (Dhoodh):-  2 glasses

Sugar :-    5 tsp

Ice  :-  as per need

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take Chickoo and peel of the skin and then dice it into small pieces.

2)    Remove the seeds from it

3)    Take sugar, milk and Chickoo, put it in a blender and mix it well.

4)    Now take half the cream and mix well

5)    Pour it into glasses

6)    Garnish it with the remaining cream and ice. To be served chilled.


Pineapple Shake Recipe

6 ounces tofu, drained and cubed
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 cup 1% low-fat milk
1 cup pineapple, fresh,cubed

How to make Pineapple Shake

  • Add tofu, pineapple and olive oil to a blender.
  • Mix at medium speed until smooth and creamy.
  • Drink immediately or refrigerate.
  • You can also add ice cubes which can be added to the blender.

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Chocolate shake Recipe


Cold milk (Dhoodh) :-  4 cup

Sweetened cocoa powder :-  5 tsp

Crushed ice   :-   as required

Chocolate ice cream  :-  2 cup

Method of Preparation

1)    Take cocoa powder and milk and blend it in for few secs.

2)    Now to this add the crushed ice and ice cream and blend it again.

3)    To be served chill.

4)    You can also serve it with crushed ice.

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Cardamom shake Recipe


Milk (Dhoodh) :- 3 cup

Water :-  1 cup

White poppy seeds (Khuskhus)  :- 3 tbsp

Minced cashew nuts or almonds:-  2 tbsp

Fried Coconut (Nariyal) :-  3 tbsp

Sugar (Cheeni) :- as required

Cardamom freshly grounded (Elaichi) :-   ½ tsp

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take the poppy seeds, put it into a frying pan and dry roast them on it for close to 5 mns.

2)    Take the roasted poppy seeds, almonds or cashews, water and coconut and make a mixture of this in a blender. It should reduce to a very fine puree.

3)    Then to this add two cups of milk, on low heat process it for close to 15 mns

4)    Take the mixture and filter it

5)    Remove all possible liquid from it. To this add milk and the cardamom seeds.

6)    Bring it to boil on a moderate flame.

7)    Now on low heat, simmer it for close to 2 mns

8)    To this add sugar

9)    Take two pans, and keep pouring the milk from one to another, till it appears frothy.

10) Now serve it in very warm cups.


Cola Shake Recipe


Chilled cola:- 200 ml

Vanilla ice cream :- 1 scoop

Sweetened milk (Dhoodh)   :-  50 ml

Ice cubes  :- 2 nos

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take a thin tall glass and put in the scoop of vanilla ice cream

2)    Now take the sweetened milk and pour it over it and then add the ice cubes.

3)    Now take the cola and pour it in the glass

4)    Care should be taken to see that it doesn’t pour out of the glass.

This needs to be served with the spoon


Pistachio shake Recipe


Pistachio (Pista):-  3 tbsp, unsalted and raw

Milk (Dhoodh) :-   31/2 cup

Saffron (Kesar) threads :-   6-8 nos

Sugar   :-2 tbsp

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take 4 pistachios, cut them into silvers and keep it aside

2)    Take the pending pistachios, put them in a blender and keep grinding them.

3)    To this add half cup of milk and keep blending till it appears smooth

4)    Now scrape the sides of  jar, to remove the stuck nuts with a help of a spatula.

5)    Again add another cup of milk and mix it well for half a minute.

6)    Now take the pistachio milk, the other milk and saffron threads and boil it on high heat.

7)    Keep stirring it regularly.

8)    Let the milk froth up twice while boiling, once done remove from flame and add sweetener to it till it dissolves.

9)    Strain the milk from the blender; Pour it into the milk

10)  Now we need to blend this again first in slow speed then increasing it further to high speed , till the milk starts frothing

11)  Serve it and garnish it with pistachio silvers.


Strawberry Shake Recipe


Strawberries :- 1 cup, fresh

Milk (Dhoodh) :-4 cup

Sugar (Cheeni)   :-as per taste

Ice cubes  :-  as required

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take the strawberries, wash them thoroughly. Remove the stems if any

2)    Take little milk and strawberries, put it into a blender and mix well till it becomes smooth

3)    Now take the pending milk, crushed ice and sugar and blend it again for half a minute

4)    To be served chilled.

5)    We can use strawberry essence if fresh strawberries are unavailable.


Apple Shake Recipe


Apple (Seb)  :-  2 nos

Milk (Dhoodh)  :-  2 glasses

Sugar :-  2 tbsp

Green cardamom (Elaichi) :-  4 nos

Ice  :- as per need

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take apple and dice them into small pieces.

2)    Take apple, milk and sugar and put it in a blender.

3)    Take the elaichi, powder it and add it into this mixture

4)    Pour it in the glasses and shake before serving.

5)    To be served chilled add ice if required.