Sandesh Recipe


100 grams Chenna
2 tablespoon Milk
Few drops of Rose/Kewra Essence
4 teaspoon Powdered Sugar
Silver Foil

How to make Sandesh


  • Blend all ingredients in a pan gently
  • Cook on low flame, stirring continuously till the mixture becomes not too dry and not too soft.
  • Put off the flame and arrange the mixture on a plate. Cool it.Now cut it into pieces.
  • Decorate with silver foil.
  • Sandesh is ready.

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Pista Sandesh Recipe


225 grams Paneer
½ teaspoon Cardamom Seeds (grounded)
1 tablespoon Rose Water
150 grams Sugar
Finely sliced and crushed 10 Pistachios

How to make Pista Sandesh

  • Make a mixture of sugar and paneer.
  • Place the mixture over the heat and stir it continuously.
  • After the mixture gets solidi, sprinkle the rose water on it.
  • Divide the mix into various parts and flatten them in required size and shapes.
  • Soak those pieces into the cardamom and pista separately and serve the Sandesh cold.