Pumpkin Pickle Recipe

Salt – ½ cup
Pumpkin – ½ kg
Mustard Oil – 1 cup
Mustard powder (coarsely ground) – 30 g
Red chilli powder – 2 tsp
Fenugreek leaves (coarsely ground) – 2 tsp
Turmeric – 1 tsp

Method Of Preparation:
1.Slice the pumpkin lengthwise along with the skin.
2.Place them in hot water. Let stay for 10 minutes.
3.Put them in a strainer. Let the water drain. Then cool the slices.
4.Mix all ingredients of this recipe with oil. Then rub this paste on pumpkin slices.
5.Place them in a jar. Leave the jar for 3 days in a warm area. Everyday shake it once till they become tender.
6.After four days the pickle will be ready.


Pumpkin chutney Recipe


Bottle gourd (Lauki)  :-   250 gms

Vinegar (Sirka)  :-     1 cup

Water   :-  11/2 cup

Red chili powder (lal Mirch)  :-  ½ tsp

Cardamoms (Elaichi moti) :-  2 nos

Sugar (Cheeni):- heaped 11/2 cups

Ginger (Adrak) :- 2 tsp chopped in long slices

Garlic (Lasun) :-   2 cloves chopped

Raisins (Kishmish) :-    4 tsp

Almonds (badam) Blanched  :-    6 nos

Dates (Khajoor) :-   8 nos peeled

Salt (Namak) :-  3 tsp

Method of Preparation

1)   The pumpkin needs to scraped and then grated

2)   Cook the pumpkin in water along with ginger, garlic and dates till it appears tender and dry

3)   Add salt, sugar, red chili, vinegar, almonds and raisins.

4)   Keep cooking till it is thick and is slightly brown in color.

5)   Pour the contents into a jar and lid it.



250 grams Strawberries
250 grams Raspberries with shells
1 1/2 cups Water
1/2 teaspoon Red chili pepper (Lal Mirchi)
1 3/4 cups Sugar (Cheeni)
2 big Cardamoms (Elaichi Moti)
3 teaspoons Salt (Namak)
2 cloves Garlic (Lasun), chopped
2 teaspoons long strips of Ginger (Adrak)
4 teaspoons Raisins (Kishmish)
6 Almonds (Badam), blanched
8 Dates (Khajoor), long strips
1 cup Vinegar (Sirka)
How to make strawberry and raspberry chutney:
  • Remove the shells of raspberries.
  • Wash and cook on a low fire with ginger, garlic and water till tender.
  • Mash, add sugar, vinegar, crushed cardamoms, salt, Red chili pepper , mashed strawberries, almonds, dates and raisins and cook till a little thick.
  • Cool a little, pour it into a jar.

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