Nimbu Paani Recipe


Lemon (Nimbu) :- 4 nos, juicy

Water :-  8 cup

Dates (Khajoor):-   10, pitted and cut into half

Honey (shahad) :-  1/3rd cup

Method of Preparation:

1)    To make Lemon juice, dice 6 of the lemons into two, remove the zest and squeeze the juice out from it.

2)    Now the pending lemons needs to be taken and sliced into thin rounds

3)    Take the dates and water and boil it for close to 10 mns

4)    To this add the zest. Keep boiling it for another couple of mns

5)    Take the pan off the flame and to this add lemon juice, honey, lemon slices, and keep it aside. Cover it with a lid lightly for close to 12 hrs.

6)    Filter it.

7)    To be served chill.