Kesar Badam shake Recipe


Milk (Dhoodh)  :-  2 glasses

Almond (Badam)   :-  10 nos

Saffron leaves (Kesar)  :-  3 nos

Green cardamom (Elaichi):-   2 nos

Sugar :- 4 tsp

Ice  :- as required

Method of Preparation:

1)     Take Badam and soak it in water for close to 7 hrs.

2)    Take Kesar and dip it in warm milk.

3)    Now take the Badam, milk and Kesar and blend it well in a mixer.

4)    Take the elaichi and grind it into powder till fine

5)    Pour the elaichi into the mixture before serving.

6)    To be served chilled.


Kesar Burfi Recipe


500 grams Kaju(cashewnuts)
300 grams sugar
2 chandi (silver)warak
1/2 teaspoon kesar(saffron)
1/4 teaspoon orange color

How to make Kesar Burfi

  • Soak the cashewnuts in water for 3 hours.Drain the water and ground the cashewnuts,finely.
  • In a pan mix sugar and cashewnuts,and roast on low heat,stiring constantly.
  • Mix saffron and orange color in it.roast till done.
  • on the rolling board place a butter paper and pour the mixture on it.
  • Now place another butter paper ,sandwhiching the mixture between the two paper.
  • Roll it with rolling pin.
  • Remove the butter paper from top and place silver warak,and cut the kesar burfi pieces.

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Kesar Badam Shake Recipe

2 glass milk (doodh)
10 almond (badam)
2-3 saffron leaves (kesar)
2 green cardamom (choti elaichi)
4 tsp sugar
ice as required
How to make kesar badam shake :
  • Soak badam for 6-7 hours.
  • Dip kesar in warm milk.
  • Now blend badam, kesar, sugar and milk in a mixer.
  • Grind elaichi to a fine powder.
  • Pour it in the glass along with some crushed ice.
  • Serve it chilled.

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