Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe


Bread Slices :-  8

Onion :-  4

Green Chillies :- 8

Green Coriander :- 20 gms

Processed cheese :-  8

Lemon :-  1

Salt to taste

Method of Preparation-

1.    Onions should be peeled, mashed and chopped.

2.    The stems of the green chillies should be removed; they should then be mashed and slit.

3.    The green coriander should be cleaned, mashed and chopped.

4.    All the chopped vegetables should be mixed and salt and lemon should be added to it and mixed well.

5.    The bread slices should be toasted in a toast till they turn golden brown in colour.

6.    The vegetables mixture should be evenly spread on one side of the toast and it should be covered with cheese slices.

7.    The slices should be put back in the toast and should be toasted till the cheese becomes golden brown in colour.

8.    Once the toast is removed from the toaster, the edges of the toast should be cut off.

9.    The toast should be cut into two pieces and then served hot.

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Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe

8 nos. bread slices
4 nos. onions
08 nos. green chillies
20 gms green coriander
8 slices processed cheese
1 lemon
salt to taste
How to make chilli cheese toast :
  • Peel, mash and chop the onions.
  • remove stems, mash, slit, de seed and chop green chillies.
  • clean, mash and chop green coriander.
  • Mix all the chopped vegetables, and lemon juice and salt to it and mix it well.
  • toast the bread slices under an electric toast till they become golden brown in colour.
  • sprinkle the vegetables mixture evenly on the plain side of the toast and cover with the cheese slices.
  • put the slices back in the toast and toast it till the colour of the cheese changes to light golden brown.
  • remove the toast from toaster and cut off the edges of the toasts.
  • cut each toast into two pieces and serve hot.

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