Sooji Halwa Recipe


1 cup Sooji (semolina)

1 cup Sugar

2.5 cup water

2 teaspoon Ghee

1 tablespoon lowfat butter (heart foundation recommended) or canola oil

Almonds (grated)/Raisins

2-3 Cardamom, coarsely powdered

Recipe to prepare Sooji Halwa :

.    Add sugar to water and mix well. Keep aside.
.    In a skillet (kadahi) take ghee and sooji and cook for 5 minutes.
.    Add oil/butter and cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, till the sooji turns light brown.
.    With the skillet on the stove,
.    Add cardamom powder and raisins, grated almonds, then add water-sugar solution slowly,
.    Stirring with a spoon and allow the water to evaporate.
.    Garnish with a few grated almond pieces.
.    Serve sooji halwa warm.

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