Dry Fruit Kheer


Leftover plain Boiled Rice 1 cup

Cream Biscuits 8-10 (Vanilla or Cardamom flavour)

Dry fruits 1/2 cup

Milk fresh 1 cup

Milk cream fresh 1/2 cup

Vanilla essence 2, 3 drops.(if served chilled)

Recipe to prepare Dry Fruit Kheer :

.    Mix leftover rice, biscuits and milk.
.    Boil it for about ten minutes or till it thickens a little.
.    Mash the rice and biscuits with a masher so that biscuits mix well.
.    Add the cream and dry fruits.
.    Mix well and boil for 2 minutes.
.    Pour the kheer in a bowl and add the essence.
.    Keep it in the freezer to chill or you can serve it hot also.

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