Tomato Ketchup Sauce Recipe

1 1/2 kgs Tomatoes (Tamatar)
1 tsps chilli powder
1 1/2 cups Sugar (Cheeni)
2 Cloves (Lavang)
1 Cardamom (Elaichi Moti)
1/4″ piece Cinnamon (Dalchini)
2 tsps chopped Ginger (Adrak)
4 cloves Garlic (Lasun)
1 cup Vinegar (Sirka)
2 tsps Salt (Namak)
1/2 tsp glacial acetic acid
2 tsps sodium benzoate
How to make tomato ketchup:
  • Chop the tomatoes, garlic and ginger and put in a degchi and cook on a low fire till tender and thick.
  • Pass through a sieve.
  • Add vinegar, sugar and chilli powder and cook until thick.
  • Add acetic acid and sodium benzoate mixed in 1/4 cup boiling water.
  • Pour the ketchup in bottles and cork tightly.
  • Use after one week. This tomato ketchup can be kept for one year.

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