Fruit And Nut Salad

1/2 cup paneer (mashed)
1/4 cup mayonnaise
6-7 pieces dated (stone removed)
6 pieces canned peach (aadoo)
1/4 cup cashew nut (kaju) (roasted)
1/4 bunch lettuce (kasmisaag) (chopped)
1 Tomato (Tamatar) (sliced)
2 tsp green chutney
1 tsp Tomato (Tamatar) chutney
How to make fruit and nut salad:
  • Mix paneer, mayonnaise, lettuce and green chutney and make a layer of it in a flat bowl.
  • Mix dates, tomato chutney, peaches, cashew buts and place it over the 1st layer.
  • Garnish with tomato slices.

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