Bread Barfi Recipe

2 cups soft breadcrumbs
1 cup milk
1 grated coconut
1 cup sugar
4 table spoons oil
pink color as required
2 or 3 drops rose essence
8 to 10 chooped cashewnuts
How to make bread barfi :
  • Soak bread crumbs in milk for about 10 minutes.
  • Combine coconut and sugar, stir over a low fire till the sugar melts.
  • Add the soaked breadcrumbs and stir till well mixed (for about 5 to 7 minutes).
  • Add oil and continue stirring till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
  • Add coloring, essence and cashewnuts and mix well till the color is evenly blended.
  • Turn the mixture onto a greased tray and spread it evenly.
  • Allow it to cool and then cut into desired shapes.
  • Makes 22 pieces (2″x1″).

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