Chaat Masala recipe

1 tbsp Cumin Seed (Jeera)
1/2 tblsp dried Mint Leaves (Pudina Leaves)
1/4th tsp Carom (Ajwain) seeds
1/4th tsp Asafetida (Hing) Powder
1 tbsp Rock Salt (Kala Namak)
21/2 tblsp dried Mango (Aam) Powder
5 Cloves (Lavang)
1 tsp Ginger (Adrak) Powder
1 tsp Cayenne
1/4 tsp Tartaric Acid
1 tblsp Black Pepper corns (Kalimirchi)
2 tsp Salt (Namak)

How to make chaat masala:
  • Put cumin seeds, black peppercorns, cloves, dried mint leaves, ajwain and asafetida powder in a pan and heat gently, shaking the pan from time to l the spices began to smell fragrant.
  • Remove from heat add rock salt and grind while still warm.
  • Mix in all other ingredients, cool and store tightly bottled.


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