Dry Fruit Chikki Recipe


Badam (chopped) :- 1 cup

Pista (chopped) :-  1 cup

Jaggery (grated) :-  ¼ cup

Cashewnuts (chopped) :-  1 cup

Kesar (soaked in milk) :-  Few

Ghee  :-  2 big spoons

Method of Preparation:

1.    Ghee should be heated in a pan.

2.    Grated jaggery should be added when the ghee gets melted.

3.    They should be allowed to get blended.

4.    Kesar as well as dry fruits should be added and mixed well when the mixture becomes thick.

5.    The mixture, when done, will automatically shred pan’s sides.

6.    A plate should be greased and the mixture should be poured into it.

7.    The dish should be cooled and then cut into pieces.

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