Lemon Jelly Recipe

1/2 kg Lemons (Nimbu)
12 cups (3 pints) Water
Sugar (Cheeni)
How to make lemon jelly:
  • Wash and dry the lemons.
  • Remove the skin, then cut them into quarters and take out the pips.
  • Put the Lemon pieces in a bowl, cover with water, and keep for 24 hours.
  • Boil the lemon pieces in the same water, strain through a muslin cloth.
  • Measure the juice and allow 1/2 kg sugar for each pint of the liquid.
  • Heat the juice, add sugar and stir till it is dissolved.
  • Cook on a hot fire until the syrup sets quickly or falls in drops when tested on a plate.
  • Cool and pour into jars and close the lid tightly.

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