Cham Cham Receipe


Sugar: – 100 gms

Paneer (cheese)  : – 200 – 250 gms

Water : – 1 cup

Color Powder: – 2-3 drops lemon color water

Maida (flour) : – 2 tea spoon

Saffron: – Some standard saffron

Cardamom powder : – ¼ tea spoon

Milk : – 100 gms unsweetened

Method of preparation:

1.    Take a pan; add 1 cup water in hit. Keep it on gas and add the sugar in it. Keep it on gas till it comes into syrup or becomes thickened.

2.    Squeeze the paneer in the floor of the maida. Now make the pieces of that mixture into a finger shape. Add those pieces into the sugar syrup.

3.    Take 2-3 drops of lemon color and add it into the syrup.

4.    Keep the above mixture in cool for some time and remove the finger shape maida pieces from the syrup.

5.    Now take milk in a pan and add the cardamom powder and saffron into it.

6.    Now add spread this milk on the every piece of cham cham.

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