Alutua Recipe

Ingredients: –

Sweet potato: – ½ kg

Raisins: – 9-10 no

Ghee: – 1 tea spoon

Refined flour: – ½ cup

Sugar: – 1 cup

Oil for frying  : – 2-3 tea spoon

Sida bi carbonate: – 1 tea spoon

Method of Preparation: –

1)    Wash and boil the sweet potatoes. When it becomes cool just remove the skin of sweet potatoes and mash it properly.

2)    Take pot and make sugar syrup of one thread consistency by mixing 1&1/2 water in sugar.

3)    Sieve the flour and soda rub in ghee. And mix sweet potatoes.

4)    In case the mixture feels soft, mix in a little more flour.

5)    Now make lime size balls and stuff one raisin in each.

6)    Take kadhai and heat up oil highly that means when oil begins to smoke take off the heat put sweet potato balls in oil.

7)    Fry them on medium heat till brownish color.

8)    Remove the balls from oil and put them in sugar syrup and keep aside for the few hours

9)    This is Alutua is ready to serve.

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