Cheese Puri Recipe


Whole Wheat Flour :-  75 gms

Refined Flour :-  75 gms

Potatoes  :-  150 gms

Onion :-  50 gms

Cheese :-  50 gms

Green Chillies :-  8 gms

Lemon  :-  1

Ghee or Oil :-   100 ml

Salt to taste

Oil (frying)

Method of Preparation-

1.    Potatoes should be boiled, peeled and mashed.

2.    Onion, gingers and green chillies should be finely chopped.

3.    1 teaspoon of oil should be heated and onion should be sautéed. Chopped ingredients, lemon juice and salt should be added to taste.

4.    They should be mixed well and then removed from the fire.

5.    Grated cheese, ghee, flour and water should be mixed and stiff dough should be made out of it.

6.    It should be kneaded well till the dough becomes soft and this should be kept aside for about an hour.

7.    Puris with a diameter of 7.5 cm diameter should be rolled out and deep fried.

8.    The cheese puris can then be served hot.

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