Cheese Paratha Recipe


Whole Wheat Flour :-  2 cups

Water ((for kneading dough)

Cheese (shredded) :-  1 cup

Black Pepper Powder  :-  1 tsp

Salt  to taste

Green Coriander (chopped)

Oil  :-  3-4 tbsp

Method of preparation-

1.    Simple and soft dough should be kneaded with the help of water and flour.

2.    Equal sizes of balls from the dough should be made.

3.    The each ball should be rounded into small balls.

4.    The cheese, pepper, green coriander, salt should be mixed properly and this should be stuffed into the small rounds.

5.    All the sides should be sealed and patties should be made out of it.

6.    These should now be rolled into sizeable rounds ensuring that the cheese and pastry do not break or come out.

7.    Pan should be heated and the rounded rolls should be put on it.

8.    The sides should be switched once it is done and oil should be applied on the opposite bottom side.

9.    Both the sides should be pressed on the pan so that the paratha turns crispy and this can be served with hot cheese parathas.

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