Indian Breakfast Recipes

Paranthas are perfect breakfast recipes. Radish grated into fine pieces and bound along with the basic spices can be served alongwith a bowl of curd. Boiled potato balls folded inside a chapatti become the Alu parantha. Methi or fenugreek paratha are loaded with nutrition. If you are pressed for time then press a few jeera or ajwain seeds on a thick chapatti to fry some paranthas. The same can be served with tomato chutney or sauce.

Pancakes are instant happenings with a little maida, sugar and milk. Fermented for a little time, the mixture is self raising. Use a little butter or ghee to fry a pancake and top it with a generous portion of honey or marmalade.

Sandwich options are plenty. Use a little coriander chutney, minus the coconut if you have cholesterol problems and use one side with chutney and the other with butter. Place salad vegetables like tomato, cucumber and beet root and cut into various shapes. Pea-potato pattice is simple and filling. Lightly fried on a greased pan this is a quick snack/

Get a little creative about the idli and top it with cashews and raisins, vegetables shreds are appetizing too. Crispy dosas are regular breakfast quickies and served with coconut chutney or a sambar. Sprinkle some vegetables or spinach over a plain dosa. Use ghee instead of oil for a change. Try a masala dosa with a potato vegetable filling.

Poha or puffed rice comes in onion poha and potato poha. One needs to prepare the ingredients and arrange for immediate use. Soak poha in water. Fry a little onion and potato and let it cook well. Use mustard and curry leaves. Use salt, turmeric powder and green chillies. Serve with garnished coriander, a wedge of lemon and a little sugar( optional). Sweet poha is a simple breakfast, with melted jaggery and soaked poha. Garnish with coconut to savour a delicious taste. Khandvis are regular breakfast items. Tomato omlette is a mixture of pureed tomato and besan.

Puran polis are jaggery-chana dal stuffing’s in a chapatti. Sugar chapattis are paranthas in ghee and topped with caramelized sugar. Corn can be boiled and a perfect diet food and used in a tomato sauce, butter and salt-pepper.

If you are not in a mood to eat, then go on to milkshakes of the seasonal variety. Smoothies are yummy with fresh curd. Strawberry, mango banana and chickoo are Indian milkshakes. Try a kiwi-banana milkshake or a strawberry banana for a different taste.

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