Vegetable Nilgiri Korma Recipe


Onion   : – 2 medium size

Fennel seeds : – 2 tea spoon

Cumin seeds   : – 1 tea spoon

Poppy seeds   : – 2 tea spoon

Ginger  : – 1 inch

Garlic  : – 12 pieces

Red chilies  : – 6 (whole)

Coriander leaves   : – 5-6 (chopped)

Coriander seeds  : – 2 tea spoon

Coconut   : – 20 gms (scraped)

Carrots  : – 1

Capsicum  : – 1

Green peas  : – ½ cup

Garam masala   : – 1 tea spoon

Groundnut oil   : – 5 tea spoon

Saltto taste  : – 1 pinch

Cauliflower  : – 50 gms

Potato  : – 1

Curry leaves  : – 8-10

French beans  : – 8-10

Tomatoes   : – 2

Method of preparation:

  1. In a pan first of all clean and wash all the vegetables properly. Then cut them into equal pieces. Then take the onion cut it and chop it too. Also clean the tomatoes and then make the puree of it.
  2. Take a pan, mix the oil and then add all the materials (paste) into it and keep it on the heat till the paste become brown. Then make a paste with the help of the mixer with including some water.
  3. In a normal pan keep boiling potatoes, carrots and the cauliflower. Also at the same time clean the coriander and chop the leaves.
  4. In the big pan take the oil and keep the onion to fry into it till the turns into golden color. Add the masala paste into it and curry leaves after cleaning it by water. Keep it on the gas for some time
  5. Mix all the cleaned and cut vegetables into it. Also add the tomato puree and keep the same mixture for boiling.
  6. Mix the 100 ml water and keep the pan at low gas till the time all the vegetables are properly done and it picks the little bit of gravy.
  7. Spread garam masala from the top and now you can serve it hot with chapati

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