Amrit Phal Recipe


Water   : – 1 cup

Saffron   : – ½ tea spoon

Rose essence    : – 5 drops

Semolina  : – 125 gms

Khova    : – 300-400 gms

Sugar  : – ½ kg

Ghee   : – as per requirement

Almonds  : – 8-10 pieces

Paneer (if required)    : – 20 gms

Method of preparation

  1. In the pan take a cup of water and add the sugar into it. Boil it till it become syrup and keep it hot.
  2. Then crush the saffron and then add khova, semolina and crushed saffron all together.
  3. Now include the paneer and then convert the mixture into flexible dough.
  4. From the above make a star using your hand and at the center make a hole.
  5. Fry this start in the deep pan till it turns into pink color.
  6. Add them in the sugar syrup.
  7. Then dress up them with the cut and sliced almond and serve it.

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