Undhyo Recipe


Garlic  :- 6 to 8 cloves

Baby Brinjals :-    3 to 4 nos

Potatoes  :-   6 to 8 nos, small

Turmeric powder  :-  1 tsp

Oil   :-    5 tbsp

Yam (Kand) :-   100 Gms

Broad beans (Fali) :-  25- 30 nos

Green chilies  :-   4 nos

Coconut Scraped  :-  2 tbsp

Asafetida :-  a pinch

Bananas  :-   2 nos, raw

Coriander leaves :-   1 cup

Ginger   :-   2 inch

Mustard    :-  1 tsp

For Muthiya

Bengal Gram flour  :-   ¼ cup

Salt     :-   as per taste

Fenugreek leaves :-   ½ cup

Ginger :-    ½ inch

Green chilies   :-  1 to 2 nos

Oil  :-   as required for frying

Salt  :-   as per taste


1)    Take potatoes, raw bananas and yam. Wash it, peel off the skin and cut it.

2)    Take brinjals and cut them into four slices without cutting the brinjal stem off.

3)    We need to add green chilies, garlic, cut coriander leaves and ginger, and make a paste.

4)    Now all the ingredients mentioned for Muthiya, except the oil should be taken and mixed well.

5)    Divide the whole thing in small portions and each has to be shaped into half a inch thick rolls.

6)    These needs to be deep fried in oil and keep it aside.

7)    Take the beans, string it and cut it into piece of one inch.

8)    Take a handi, put oil in it and add mustard seeds and asafetida.

9)    When the mustard seeds splutter, add the ground Masala and the beans.

10) Take the other vegetables and add it in layer one over the top.

11) To this add turmeric powder and salt.

12) Keep stirring it for five mns on high heat.

13) Then pour one full cup of water, and cover it with a lid and simmer it. This should be done on low flame for close to 15 mns.

14) Now to this add the fried Muthiyas and keep simmering it for another 15 mns

15) Keep shaking the vegetables, without using the spoon.

16) Garnish it with coconut.

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