Leelva Nu Bhat Recipe


Coriander leaves :- 2 tbsp, chopped

Green chilies :-  2 tbsp, paste

Red chilies :-  2 nos

Rice :-  2 cup

Oil  :-  3 tbsp

Mustard seeds :-   1 tsp

Green garlic :-   1 sprig , chopped

Ginger paste :-  ½ tbsp

Salt  :-   as required

Asafetida  :-  a pinch

Broad bean seed (Leelva)  :-   250 gms


1)    Take the rice, clean it, wash it and soak it in water.

2)    Drain off all the water.

3)    Take a Kadhai and heat oil in it.

4)    Add in mustard seeds, broken red chilies and Asafetida.

5)    Once it starts to splutter add ginger and garlic paste, chili paste and leelva.

6)    Keep stirring for a minute.

7)    Mix the rice.

8)    Fry it for a minute, keep stirring.

9)    Add in four full cups of boiling water.

10) Reduce the heat and keep frying and stirring till the water is completely soaked up.

11) Garnish it with coriander and green garlic.

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