Khajoor Na Ghughra Recipe


Milk  :-   ¼ cup

Ghee  :-   ½ cup

Poppy seeds :-   2 tsp

Green Cardamoms :-  6 nos

Refined flour  :-   1 cup

Coconut desiccated  :-   ¼ cup

Ghee  :-  as required for frying

Salt :- for taste

Sugar  :-   ½ cup


1)    Take flour and rub ½ cup ghee in it.

2)    To this add salt, milk and make dough.

3)    Knead the dough and smoothen it.

4)    Make balls of the dough and set it aside.

5)    Take desiccated coconut, poppy seeds, green cardamom powder, ground dates and sugar and mix it well.

6)    Make balls of same size    .

7)    Roll the balls into maida.

8)    Take the date stuffing and put it on one side of the ball. Make it into semi circle and start sealing the edges.

9)    You can use cutter to make the edges look smooth

10) All the ghughras should be made in similar fashion.

11) Take ghee in pot. Deep fry these till they look golden brown in color.

12) Drain the oil

13) Serve it as a sweet snack for tea.

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