Gunda Recipe


Gunda (a berry) :- 500 gms

Oil  :-   as required

Salt :-   ¼ cup

Turmeric  :-   3/8 cup

Asafetida  :-   big size

Fenugreek seeds :-  3/8 cup, grounded coarsely

Mustard seeds :-  1/8 cup, grounded coarsely

Mango pieces  :-   150 Gms

Red chili powder :-  ¼ cup


1)    Take the Gunda; scrape off the seeds with the help of salted knife.

2)    Add little turmeric powder and salt.

3)    Take the mangoes, wash it well and dry it.

4)    Take the mangoes and cut it into small cubes. Take the seeds off.

5)    Take mustard, fenugreek, and turmeric powder and mix it well.

6)    Take a pan, and heat 2 cups of oil

7)    After heating, keep it aside to cool.

8)    Once lukewarm take the oil and pour it over the powders. Keep mixing it well.

9)    In dry pot, heat the salt up slightly on low flame.

10) Remove the salt and do for the same thing for red chili powder too.

11) Now in the oil masala, add both the ingredients.

12) Now add the gunda and mango pieces in the oil masala. And keep mixing it well.

13) Take this and transfer it into glass or ceramic jar.

14) Keep it aside for 5 days without any mixing.

15) Now take enough oil, heat it up and put it over the Gunda and mango pieces.

16) Once the oil is completely cool, mix it in the jar.

17) Keep the jar tightly covered.

18) This is ready for serving in a week’s time.

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