Gujrati Khaman Dhokla Recipe


Rice  :-  one cup

Urad Dal :-  one cup

Yellow Mung Dal :-  one cup

Sour Buttermilk :-   3 cups

Green chilies  :-  2 nos, crushed

Ginger grated  :-    ¼ tsp

Soda bicarb :-   ½ tsp

Oil :-   2 tbsp

Red chili powder :-  2-3 pinches

Coriander  :-  ½ tbsp

Salt  :-   as per taste


1)    Take the dal and rice, mix it well. Wash it, drain it, and dry it. Take a clean cloth, set it aside to dry for couple of hours.

2)    Now the grains should be grinded well, in texture it should appear like soji.

3)    This should be stored in air tight container. This can be used for close to 2 months. From this powder, take a cup of flour.

4)    To this add the buttermilk, and keep mixing it well.  Set aside for close to 5 hours.  Now take soda bicarb and dissolve it in the oil. This needs to the batter.

5)    Take all ingredients except coriander and red chili and mix it well. Pour this into a greased plate.

6)    This needs to be steamed using water, either in the steamer or cooker. To check, pierce the knife. It should appear clean.

7)    Now on top of this sprinkle coriander and red chilies and steam it again for couple of minutes.

8)    The Dhokla needs to be cut either in diamond or square shapes. To be served along with hot coconut chutney.

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