Daal Paratha Recipe


Wheat flour :-   1 cup

Oil  :-   2 tsp

Salt :-  as per required

For the filling:

Yellow Moong dal :-   ½ cup

Cumin seeds :-   ½ tsp

Turmeric powder :-  1 small pinch

Red chili powder:-   ½ tsp

Asafetida  :-      1 pinch

Oil  :-   2 tsp

Salt   :-  as per taste

Oil   :-   as required



1)    Take the wheat flour, Sieve it and knead it into dough. Add enough water to make it soft.

2)    Take Moong dal and keep it soaked in water for close to an hour. Once done, drain of the water.

3)    Now, take a cup of water and cook the dal.

4)    Take oil in the pan, and add to this asafetida, cumin seeds. Keep frying till they splutter. To this add the cooked Moong dal, salt, turmeric powder and red chili powder. Now mix it well.

5)    Keep cooking till the dal appears dry, once done set it aside for cooling.

6)    Now take the dough and roll it into small puri. Stuff the puri with the Moong dal mixture and close it from all the sides. Once done, roll the dough along with the mixture into a paratha.

7)    Take a griddle (tawa) and cook the paratha on both sides. Add oil if required.

8)    This paratha can be best served with curry.

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