Basoondi Recipe


Milk  :- 11/2 ltr

Saffron  :-  a few strands

Almonds :- ½ cup

Pistachios  :-  8-10 nos

Sugar  :-  ¾ cup

Sunflower seeds :- 2 tbsp


1)    Take the almonds, soak it in water.

2)    Peel of the skin.

3)    Keep aside a little for garnishing and with the others make a paste.

4)    Slice the almonds which are meant for garnishing.

5)    Wash and then strain the Chironji.

6)    Take the milk, boil it and keep stirring it.

7)    Reduce the flame and keep simmering till the milk starts coating the back of a spoon.

8)    Put in almond paste which has been dissolved using milk or water into it.

9)    Put the sugar and saffron in it. Keep stirring till the sugar disappears.

10) To be served chilled along with almonds, pistachios.

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