Tomato Coconut Soup Recipe


Warm water   : – 2 cups

Curry leaves   : – 4-6 leaves

Green chilies    : – 1 whole

Tomato puree   : – 1 and half cup

Oil   : – 2 tea spoon

Sugar   : – 2 tea spoon

Mustard seeds  : – ½ tea spoon

Salt   : – as per taste

Coconut   : – ¼ grated

Asafetida  : – one pinch or ¼ tea spoon

Method of preparation:

  1. Take a coconut and cut into the small slices
  2. Remove all the seeds from the chilies
  3. Take a pan add the oil and heat on medium flame. Add the mustard seeds into it.
  4. Heat it till t starts crackling. Once it starts crackling add asafetida, curry leaves and fry for half minute.
  5. Not add the green chilies, water, coconut and tomato puree and keep the gas slow. Stir it irregularly.
  6. Once it stirs completely remove it from gas and keep it aside for cooling.
  7. Now add the soup in a blender till it become very smooth.
  8. Keep the above in the pot and also include the sugar and salt into it. Keep this mixture for boiling for some time.
  9. Remove if from gas after 5 mins and serve hot.

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