Sannas Recipe


Rice   : – 200 gms

Sugar   : – 1 tea spoon

Toddy    : – ½ bottle

Salt    : – as per taste

Coconut    : – 1 cup (scraped)

Method of preparation:

  1. Take a pan and wash the rice properly with water and keep the rice for soak for a night.
  2. Not take mixer grinder and grind the coconut, rice with toddy to make a thick batter.
  3. You can add the more toddy if you want it to be more consistent.
  4. Keep it in a hot deep pan and keep it upheaval for 3-4 hours.
  5. Now mix the salt and sugar as per taste.
  6. Take idli pot and put the 2 tea spoon of mixture into each mould of idli pot. Now in the steamer steam it for some time till it becomes floppy.
  7. Not you can serve it hot.

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