Rice Chapati Recipe


Coconut  : – 1

Salt    : – as per taste

Rice   : – ½ kg

Banana    : – 1

Method of preparation:

1.    Take a pan and properly wash the rice and bathe it.

2.    Take a coconut and grate it.

3.    Now take mixer pot and grind the rice along with coconut with using very less water. The dough of grinded material should dry so please use less water.

4.    Not make a ball of dough into the equal part.

5.    Lubricate a banana and make a ¼ cm chapati of the dough using the two fingers.

6.    Put a tava (griddle) on a normal heat and lubricate it.

7.    Now put a chapati on the griddle and properly roast the chapati from both the sides.

8.    Now you can serve it with any curry.

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