French bread Recipe


Whole wheat flour :- 6 cups

Yogurt :-1 cup

Dry yeast :-1 tbsp

Water (warm) :- ½ cup

Water (hot):-1 ½ cup

Salt  :-1tbsp


Method of Preparation-

1.      Yeast should be put in warm water.

2.      After it gets dissolved in water for about 5 minutes, it should be kept aside.

3.      Hot water, yogurt and salt should be mixed in a big jar of water.

4.      Yeast and four cups of flour should be combined.

5.      They should be mixed at low speed in a mixer for about 7 minutes.

6.      The remaining flour should be mixed and kneaded for about 10 minutes.

7.      More flour should be added if the flour becomes sticky type.

8.      The prepared dough should be kept in an oiled bowl and the dough should be coated on both the sides.

9.      It should be allowed to rise in a warm place till it becomes double in size.

10.  Two long loaves should be made for the dough and then placed on a lubricating sheet.

11.  It should be drizzled with cornmeal.

12.  It should be allowed to rise in a warm place for about half an hour.

13.  The top portion of the loaves should be cut with a knife and sprayed with water.

14.  It should be baked in a preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes at 400 F till it turns brownish.

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