Cognac Cookies Recipe


Cognac :-100 ml

Pecan:- 250 gms

Chocolate chips :-100 gm

Sugar  :- 175 gms

Vanilla wafers:-400 gm

Corn syrup:-60 ml

Method of Preparation-

1.      The chocolate bits should be melted on heat.

2.      The vanilla wafers should be finely crushed.

3.      The pecans should be finely chopped.

4.      All of these should be combined in the melted chocolate along with corn sugar, cognac and sugar.

5.      The wafer crumbs and pecans should be stirred in.

6.      The mixture should be made as smooth as possible and then removed from heat.

7.      It should be shaped into 2 cm balls.

8.      The balls should be rolled in extra granulated sugar.

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