Pistachio shake Recipe


Pistachio (Pista):-  3 tbsp, unsalted and raw

Milk (Dhoodh) :-   31/2 cup

Saffron (Kesar) threads :-   6-8 nos

Sugar   :-2 tbsp

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take 4 pistachios, cut them into silvers and keep it aside

2)    Take the pending pistachios, put them in a blender and keep grinding them.

3)    To this add half cup of milk and keep blending till it appears smooth

4)    Now scrape the sides of  jar, to remove the stuck nuts with a help of a spatula.

5)    Again add another cup of milk and mix it well for half a minute.

6)    Now take the pistachio milk, the other milk and saffron threads and boil it on high heat.

7)    Keep stirring it regularly.

8)    Let the milk froth up twice while boiling, once done remove from flame and add sweetener to it till it dissolves.

9)    Strain the milk from the blender; Pour it into the milk

10)  Now we need to blend this again first in slow speed then increasing it further to high speed , till the milk starts frothing

11)  Serve it and garnish it with pistachio silvers.

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