Meethe Lassi Recipe


Curd (Dahi, yoghurt) :- 3 cup, along with curd cream

Sugar (Cheeni)  :-  2/3 rd cup

Ice water  :-   ½ cup

Crushed ice cubes  :-  8-10 nos


Method of Preparation:

1)    Take the curd and scoop off the top layer of the firm curd; this can be used for garnishing.

2)    Take the sugar and curd, put it into the mixing bowl and keep whisking it till it becomes frothy.

3)    To this add ice water and keep whisking again.

4)    Now stir in the ice cubes.

5)    You can use a blender

6)    Now the sugar and curd mixture, needs to separated into two different batch. Cover it and this needs to be processed for couple of mns.

7)    Do the same thing for the other batch of sugar and curd mixture.

8)    Now the beverages can be served into glasses and to be served chilled.

9)    While serving you can add the curd separated on top of the Lassi. Once can sprinkle little salt also.

10)  This needs to be served immediately.

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