Kharbooja Sharbat Recipe


Honeydew melons (Kharbooja):-  2 big nos or 4 small nos

Orange juice (Santra Raas) :-  ½ cup, fresh and strained

Lemon juice (Nimbu Raas) :- ¼ th cup

Khus essence  :-4 drops

Method of Preparation

1)    In case if you are using small melons, then cut it at the top and if using big melons then split it into half.

2)    Now the edge needs to be cut into a zigzag pattern

3)    Now cut a small slice needs to diced from the bottom of the melon, in such a way that a melon can stand upright without falling

4)    Take all the seeds from inside the melon and discard the skin of the melon.

5)    Now take the flesh and mix it in a mixer along with the other ingredients too, till they appear smooth.

6)    This can be served chilled inside the shells of the melons.

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