Ginger Fruit punch Recipe


Ginger (Adrak) :- 8 inch piece, peeled and chopped

Cold water or soda :-  3 cup

Sugar (Cheeni) :-  one cup

Lemon juice (Nimbu Ras):-  fresh, 1 cup

Orange juice (Santra Ras):-  fresh 11/2 cup

Ice cubes :-  as required

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take ginger, sugar and a cup of water. Put it in a deep pan, and boil it.

2)    Now reduce the flame, simmer it without any cover for close to 15 mns

3)    Filter the mixture in a different pan and let it cool.

4)    To this add orange juice and lemon juice and refrigerate it.

5)    A few mns before serving pour cold soda or water depending upon the person’s preference.

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