Cardamom shake Recipe


Milk (Dhoodh) :- 3 cup

Water :-  1 cup

White poppy seeds (Khuskhus)  :- 3 tbsp

Minced cashew nuts or almonds:-  2 tbsp

Fried Coconut (Nariyal) :-  3 tbsp

Sugar (Cheeni) :- as required

Cardamom freshly grounded (Elaichi) :-   ½ tsp

Method of Preparation:

1)    Take the poppy seeds, put it into a frying pan and dry roast them on it for close to 5 mns.

2)    Take the roasted poppy seeds, almonds or cashews, water and coconut and make a mixture of this in a blender. It should reduce to a very fine puree.

3)    Then to this add two cups of milk, on low heat process it for close to 15 mns

4)    Take the mixture and filter it

5)    Remove all possible liquid from it. To this add milk and the cardamom seeds.

6)    Bring it to boil on a moderate flame.

7)    Now on low heat, simmer it for close to 2 mns

8)    To this add sugar

9)    Take two pans, and keep pouring the milk from one to another, till it appears frothy.

10) Now serve it in very warm cups.

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