Lapssi Recipe


1 cup broken wheat
2 Almonds (blanched)
1 tablespoon Cardamom Powder
2-1/2 cups Water
3/4 cup Ghee
3/4 cup Sugar

How to make Lapssi

  • Heat ghee in a pan, add the broken wheat.
  • Stir fry on a high flame till it turns brown.
  • Add warm water and cook on a medium flame till the water has evaporated.
  • Add water if the wheat is not tender enough.
  • Once the water is evaporated , add the ghee, sugar and 1/2 cup water; Stir.
  • Cook on a medium flame for fifteen minutes.
  • The Lapsi is considered ready when the ghee starts comes out from the sides of the pan.
  • Serve hot garnished with blanched almonds.

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