Angoor Sharbat Recipe


Orange Zest :-   ½ * 3 inches piece

Cardamom seeds (Elaichi):-   ¼ tsp

Whole cloves (Lavang) :-  4 nos

Grape juice   :-  6 cup

Honey (shahad):-  ¼ th cup

Cinnamon (Tuji/Dalchini):- 3 inch piece

Sparkling water :- 2 cups

Method of Preparation

1)    In a piece of cloth, tie cardamom seeds, zest and cloves.

2)    Take a big steel pan and put juice and honey into it. Then bring it to heat.

3)    Now take the pan off heat and add the spices and cinnamon. Cover it with a lid and keep it aside, till it has cooled off.

4)    Now remove the spice cloth and the cinnamon stick. Chill it.

Before serving, add water to the drink

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