Chanar Bara Receipe


Sugar: – 100 gms

Butter (ghee): – 4-5 tea spoon

Cardamom powder: – 1 tea spoon (green)

Flour: – ½ kg

Paneer : – 250 gms

Method of preparation

1. Properly crush the paneer
2. Take a floor of the maida in the pan and add the 1 tea spoon ghee and keep adding bit milk add at a time.
3. Make sure that there should not be the bump and the pummel must be thin.
4. Add the crushed manner into this.
5. It will increase thickness of the batter.
6. Finally properly add the cardamom powder and mix it thoroughly.
7. Add the sugar and the 1 and half cup of water in it and make its syrup.
8. Now take pan and the ghee into it. Keep it on slow heat for some time.
9. Now make some equal pieces of batter and deep fry it in the ghee.
10. Deep the fried bara into the syrup of sugar.

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