Arhar Ki Dal Recipe


Masoor Dal ( Lentil, Split Red)  :-  1 cup

Turmeric Powder ( Haldi) :-  ½ tsp

Cumin Seed Powder (Jeera)  :-   1 tsp

Green Chilli ( Hari Mirch)  :-   2 Nos

Dry Red Chily ( Saboot Lal Mirch) :-    2 Nos

Ginger pieces chopped :- 1 tsp

Bay Leaf  :- 2 Nos

Spices Mixture ( fenugreek seeds, onion seeds,

cuminseeds, aniseeds and mustard seeds)  :-  10 gms


Sugar  :-   1 tsp

Salt to taste

Method Of Preparation:

1)    Wash dal properly and transfer it in a sauteuse.

2)    Add sugar, salt and turmeric and keep it over a medium flame.

3)    Add half portion of ginger to dal along with cumin seed powder

4)    Once the dal is thick and cooked, remove it from fire.

5)    On other side, heat ghee in a pan and then add the spices mixture ( fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, cumin seeds, aniseeds and mustard seeds)

6)    Mix well the spices mixture in pan

7)    When you hear the crackling of cumin seeds, add the left portion of ginger along with bay leaf and Dry Red Chily. Fry the mixture for around 2 mins

8)    Pour this mixture over dal and mix it thoroughly

9)    Dal is ready to serve hot.

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