Sesame Seed Recipe


Salt   : – as per taste

Baking soda  : – ½ tea spoon

Caraway seeds   : – 1 tea spoon

Sugar  : – 40 gms

Butter  : – 30 gms

Sesame seeds   : – 30 gms

Flour  : – 100 gms

Milk : – 30 ml

Cheese or paneer : – 10 gms

Method of Preparation

  1. Take a bowl and sift the baking powder, salt flour in it.
  2. Now mix the butter, sugar, cheese and the seeds of caraway. Blend this mixture
  3. Make dough of the above material by adding some milk in it.
  4. Now roll out the 1 cm thick chapattis and make a small fancy cut of it using cutter
  5. Using sesame seed sprinkle the cut roll outs.
  6. Take tray which is properly greased and put the pieces on it. Bake it in the over at moderate heat for 15 mins
  7. Allow it to cool. Now you can serve it with tea or any soup.

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