Tomato Chatani Receipe


Tomato : – ½ red medium

Sugar  : – 1/2 kg

Oil : – one tea spoon

Salt  : – as per taste

Whole Red chilies: – 2 no

Tamarind pulp: – 1 tea spoon

Panch phoron: – 2 tea spoon

Method of Preparation:

1.    Take a pot of cool water and wash all tomato. Clean those tomatoes and cut them in small pieces.

2.    While the time soak the tamarind in warm water for 10 – 15 minutes. Then after remove the pulp of tamarind and keep a side.

3.    On another side take a pot and make sugar syrup of one string consistency with the help of some water.

4.    Now put a pan on gas heat up the oil in it and fry the panch phoron and red chillies in the pan.

5.    Within two-three minutes it will starts to crackle at that time mix the tomatoes and cook this mixture.

6.    While mix salt as per taste in the mixture, and put sugar syrup with dates and little water as per requirement.

7.    Fry all this till it’s become dark red shed and thick.

8.    Now stir and mix tamarind pulp in it.

9.    Now sprinkle the panch phoron powder over the chutney.

10. And your tomato chatani is ready to serve.

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