Date Chutney Recipe


Dates (Khajoor):-  ½ Kilo

Fresh ginger (Adrak):-  2 teaspoons cut into long thin slices

Salt (Namak)  :-  4 teaspoons

Sugar (Cheeni) :- 1 cup

Raisins (Kishmish)  :- 6 teaspoons

Vinegar (Sirka) :-  11/2 to 2 cups.

Almonds (Badam)  :-  ¼ cup (blanched)

Cloves (Lavang) :-  2 Nos

Cardomoms (Elaichi Moti) :-  2 Nos

Cinnamom (Dalchini)  :-  ¼ teaspoon

Red Chili (Lal mirch) :-  ¼ teaspoon

Method of Preparation

1)    First you need to cut the dates into halves, hence you will need to stone them

2)    Take a pan add dates, ground spices, salt, ginger, vinegar and chili powder. Keep cooking till the dates become tender.

3)    On these add sugar and keep cooking till the mixture starts thickening.

4)    Take the pan of fire and add raisins and almonds in it. Keep stirring.

5)    Once the paste is ready, pour the contents into a jar and close tightly.

6)    To be served after 4 days.

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