Banana Chutney Recipe


Ripe Bananas (kela)  :-6 Nos

Vinegar (Sirka):-  ¾ cup

Salt (Namak)  :-    3 teaspoons

Cinnamon powder (Dalchini) :-   1/8 teaspoons

Ground cloves (Lavang)  :- Two Nos

Sugar  (Cheeni)  :-  11/2 cups

Raisins (Kishmish) :–   Four teaspoons

Red chili (Lal Mirchi) :-   ½ teaspoon

Almonds (Badam)   :-   4 teaspoons (blanched)

Method of Preparation

1)    The bananas need to be peeled and chopped

2)    Cook the bananas in vinegar, add sugar and then keep stirring till it completely dissolves.

3)    Remove from gas and add almonds (split into two), raisins, chili powder, salt and all the other ground spices.

4)    Allow it to cool. Once cool put the whole paste into a jar and close tightly.

5)    The banana chutney can be served after two days.

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