Apricot Chutney Recipe


Apricots (Khumani)  :-360 grams

Vinegar (Sirka)  :-1 whole cup

Water :-  2 cups

Salt (Namak) :- 2 teaspoons

Red chili (Lal Mirchi) :-  ½ level teaspoon

Big crushed cardamoms (Elaichi moti) :-  2 Nos

Sugar  (Cheeni) :-  ¼ kg

Ginger (Adrak) :-   2 teaspoon cut in long strips

Garlic (Lasun) :- 1 clove chopped

Raisins (Kishmish) :-   4 teaspoons

Almonds (Badam)  :-  8 pieces (blanched)

Method of Preparation

1)    The apricots needs to be soft and hence needs to be put in boiling water.

2)    Then the apricot needs to be peeled and mashed.

3)    Filter the pulp and clean the seeds of apricots using water.

4)    Then take the apricot pulp, garlic, ginger, raisins, almonds and the water of washed seeds. Cook till the water has been completely soaked up.

5)    Then add sugar, salt, red chili pepper, vinegar, and keep cooking till it starts thickening and appears golden brown in color.

6)    Place the chutney in the jar and this can be used for as long as a year.

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