Khaman Kakdi Recipe


Salt :-  as per taste

Lemon Juice :-   1 tsp

Coconut Scraped  :-   2 tbsp

Asafetida  :-   a pinch

Oil :-   2 tbsp

Bengal gram (Chana dal) :-  100 gm

Mustard seeds  :-  ½ tsp

Green chilies:-  2 to 3 nos

Curry leaves  :-   4 to 5 leaves

Sugar powdered :-  1 tsp

Ginger :-  1 inch

Cucumbers  :-  250 Gms

Coriander leaves :-  2 tbsp, chopped


1)    Take the chana dal; roast it for couple of minutes on high flame. Once done, soak it in water for close to 10 hours.

2)    Remove it from water and grind it.

3)    Now take the cucumber and start shredding it.

4)    Mix the cucumber with salt and keep it aside preferably in round dish for close to 30 mns

5)    Now take the ginger and chilies and grind it well.

6)    Drain off all the water in the cucumber.

7)    Mix cucumber, the ginger chili paste, chana dal, cucumber and salt if required.

8)    Mix in the coconut, lemon juice, coriander leaves and powdered sugar. Mix it thoroughly.

9)    Take a pan and heat oil in it.

10) Now mix the asafetida, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

11) Once it starts spluttering, mix this on the salad.